Is it possible to distribute wi-fi without a router? How to make the computer distribute Wi-Fi

  1. How to distribute WiFi from a computer to a phone without third-party programs
  2. How to distribute WiFi from a computer to a phone using a program
  3. Distribute wifi without a router
  4. We distribute wifi by command line
  5. Create a hot spot point
  6. Wifi software
  7. Let's sum up
  8. Method 1
  9. Method 2
  10. Method 3

With the help of several commands in the console, you can distribute a wireless WiFi network to all devices in your home. But it should be noted that for this purpose, an adapter must be installed on your computer. wireless network and latest drivers for him. Laptop users will be easier, because in most laptops, they install these adapters by default. In case work with the console is not for you, resort to third-party software specified in paragraph number two.

How to distribute WiFi from a computer to a phone without third-party programs

This method will enable and disable the wireless network through command line . You just need to keep the team always in a visible place.

  • Press the key combination Win + R. You will see the execution window. In it, type the letters "CMD" without quotes.
  • Click on the "OK" button, immediately pops up a command prompt window.

Click on the OK button, immediately pops up a command prompt window

  • The default password for your network is 12345678. To disable WiFi distribution, enter the “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork” command without quotes. Do not forget to turn off the network so that your connected devices do not waste Internet traffic. If this option does not suit you, try to try the method of the second step.

If this option does not suit you, try to try the method of the second step

How to distribute WiFi from a computer to a phone using a program

Software for distributing WiFi is now a huge set, you can choose for yourself the right one. In this article, as an example, we will use the utility Virtual router Plus. Download software to your computer or laptop. Installation of this utility is not required:

  • open the archive
  • find the Virtual file Router Plus .exe,


  • double click on it

double click on it

  • Now you need to set the correct settings. The topmost line is the name of your network. Think of any to your taste,

Think of any to your taste,

  • on the second term, set the password from the network. That it will need to enter on the phone to connect,

That it will need to enter on the phone to connect,

  • The last line is the type of connection. Change it to "Wireless Network Connection",

Change it to Wireless Network Connection,

  • now click on the big button in the middle of the “Start Virtual Router Plus” screen,

now click on the big button in the middle of the “Start Virtual Router Plus” screen,

  • In the tray you will see a message about a successful launch. Now WiFi is heard from your computer,

Now WiFi is heard from your computer,

Choose for yourself the best way and use as an access point.

Nowadays wifi network spread everywhere. It is understandable, because with the help of it you can connect the most different devices . Most of all this is true for the phone, because wifi allows you not to spend money on expensive 3G. Now we will answer the question of how to distribute wi-fi from computer to phone.

How to distribute the Internet from a computer ? Most easy way - using a router. To create wifi connection do the following:

  1. We get the router itself. It does not matter its price characteristics and the manufacturer, because all routers have the same scheme of work. Dear worth buying in cases where you need a long range network.
  2. We connect it to the computer. This is easily done with the included patchcord cable.
  3. Now you need to configure the router and the network itself. To do this, look for the ip specified on the back of the router, and enter it into address bar browser. Next, you will need to enter a username and password, they are also on the reverse side. If not, then use the standard: admin / admin. It remains only to find out and change the network settings.

Great, now you have a wifi network walking around the house. If your phone does not find it, then return to the settings of the router. In the "visibility", select "for all devices in range." After that, the problem should be corrected.

Distribute wifi without a router

We looked at the most popular way to create home network . But there are other methods. First, let's talk about what you need for them:

  • WIFI adapter. If you do not have a router, then without an adapter on stationary computer distribute wifi does not work. Adapter is pretty cheap. You can easily find it in the store electrical goods. The adapter is of two types: external and built-in. If you do not want to suffer too much with the study of the computer, then buy an external one that is inserted into the usb port.
  • Drivers on the computer. Especially it is worth paying attention to them to those who recently reinstalled the operating system. Drivers can be found on the Internet, on the website of the manufacturer of your components. But there is a simpler way, which is to use special programs to update drivers. There are a lot of them on the Internet, but I advise you to download drp solution or driver booster . They will not only install the missing drivers, but also update the old ones. This will contribute to a better network connection.

If you have already installed drivers and purchased a Wi-Fi adapter, then consider the following methods that will help you set up a wi-fi network.

We distribute wifi by command line

This method is used for pc on windows 7/8/10.

So let's get started. We find the command line (further cmd). To do this, click on Windows icon and go to r "Service → Windows → Command line".

Find the item "Command Line"

Now we enter cmd as shown in the screenshots:

Now we enter cmd as shown in the screenshots:

Go to the "Advanced"

Go to the Advanced

Sign in? Excellent. Now configure the network itself. Paste into cmd line:

" Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid =" luboenazvanie "key =" luboyparol "keyUsage = persistent "

See the ssid and key parameters? This is the name and key of the network. You can change them as you like, but you cannot leave them empty.

Now you can run wifi, but it makes no sense. First, do the following:

  • Find our used internet connections as shown below:

Find our used internet connections as shown below:

Click on the icon "Network Access to the Internet"

Click on the icon Network Access to the Internet

Go to the "Network and Sharing Center"

Go to the Network and Sharing Center

Item "change adapter settings"

  • Go to the "properties" by clicking on the active connections right click .
  • Go back to the "properties".
  • We are looking for the first item and put a tick next to it.
  • Return to cmd. Insert the following into it: "netsh wlan start hostednetwork"

Excellent. Now your phone is quietly connected to the Internet via wifi .

But with each restart of the PC, the command must be entered again.

Create a hot spot point

How to distribute wifi using hot spot points? It is quite easier than the previous method. But it is used only for pc on windows 10.

To create a hot spot you need:

  • We find the parameters of Internet connections.

We find the parameters of Internet connections

Go to the "Windows Settings"

Go to the Windows Settings

  • Click on the item "mobile hot spot." In the menu that appears, all the data of the Wi-Fi network are already available. You can erase them and set your own.
  • We save all entered and used data.
  • A new menu appears. It is necessary to use the slider to change the item "off" to "on".

After that, the wifi network will work with the parameters that you entered. If there are any problems with it, then try disabling the firewall. But do not forget to turn it back on.

Wifi software

On the Internet, there are many programs and utilities for creating a Wi-Fi network. An example of such a program: MyPublicWiFi. But use them at your own risk. For some of them, you will have to disable the antivirus program. Understanding the interface of some such programs is also quite problematic, especially if they are not Russified.

Let's sum up

So we answered the question of how to distribute Wi-Fi from computer to phone without any problems . To do this, you need a router / adapter and drivers. The entire setup will take no more than 20 minutes, but the effort expended will bear fruit. You can connect to your home Wi-Fi network from your phone without any problems.

2016-09-25 2016-09-25   Dmitriy Dmitriy

Hello, guests and regulars blog site. If you are reading this article, then most likely:

1. You urgently need wireless Internet in the house, and the opportunity to buy a router yet;

2. Your router is broken, and its functions are required to be placed on the fragile shoulders of a home PC or laptop;

3. You just never look for easy ways and choose the most thorny paths.

In any case, this article will tell you how to distribute wi-fi from a computer in one or two minutes running OS such as Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 without a router. Ready? Pour your favorite drink in your favorite mug and go!

Note that examples are shown in operating system Windows 7, and the differences are noted in notes like this. It is also worth noting that if you do not have a laptop with built-in WI-FI adapter (or not a stationary PC with a corresponding card), in order to distribute WI-FI via a computer, you will have to purchase the device separately. There are external and internal adapters The first ones are cheaper and require an unused USB port, the second ones are more reliable.

Method 1

For lazy people, "dummies" and people who appreciate every single body movement

The author of those people for whom a mouse click is equivalent to raising the bag of cement. Therefore, this method is his favorite. So, download Virtual program Router Plus (for example, here: Install, praise the sky for the Russian interface and see the following window:

Install, praise the sky for the Russian interface and see the following window:

In the line "Network name" enter the name of the network (not surprising, right?). Anyone. Then we invent a password (at least 8 characters), select the donor connection (the one through which the computer receives the Internet) and click “Run ...”. Done! The program flies to the tray, and Wi-Fi can now be obtained from the phone and other devices.

Method 2

I twist, I twist, I want to get through the command line WI-FI

If morally you are a bodybuilder (even if outwardly TOP-ectomorph) and you have no difficulty in anything (or if the method above did not suddenly work), do the following:

  1. Open the command line in administrator mode (right-click on cmd and select the corresponding menu on the left);
  2. We enter one by one the commands shown in the screenshot below (the sequence is indicated);
  1. The network was created, but ... you were ready for the first difficulties, right? Go to the control panel and heroically click on the item "Change settings public access "

and rearrange the markers, as in the screenshot:

  1. Now back to home page control panel and click "Change adapter settings", go to the "Access" tab, put a tick. In the menu indicated by the arrow, select the donor connection and click OK. That's all, you can go online via phone, tablet, laptop and other devices.

Correction for users of other versions of the system: regardless of which Windows OS you use, the algorithm of actions is the same.

Method 3

Easy way, but not for all

  • We go to the control center of networks and general access;
  • We look, whether there is a point "Wireless network setup computer-computer". If there is, shake your hand. If not, touch your lips and go to the command line, as described in the second method. Further actions described here for those who have an item.

Further actions described here for those who have an item

  • Enter the network name and security key. Next, activate the network.

Next, activate the network

  • Next, we return to the third and fourth points. previous method . We place markers in the sharing options and change the adapter settings. The final.

Correction for Windows XP users: you perform these operations not through the control panel, but through the standard start menu item “Wireless Network Wizard”. The difference there is essentially one. You need to select the "network installation method", as shown in the screenshot

Amendment for Windows 10 users: there is an easier method for you, since this version of the system (starting with update 2.08.16) provides for a “mobile hot-stop” for creating a WI-FI point.

This concludes the article. You have learned whether it is possible to use a PC in the form of a router and how to make everything work. Write in the comments, did you manage to create your WI-FI-point through the computer. And if not, then do not rush to accuse us of having wasted the best moments of your life on this article. Just describe the problem and we will try to help you. Subscribe to updates, repost on social networks and advise us to your friends. All the best!

Not yet gone, but you need bread and circuses of the promised bonus? So here it is - additional way get a WI-FI without a computer third-party programs and extra gestures (all as we love). We insert the SIM card with the Internet into any Android device, activate it on it WI-FI distribution and enjoy the lightness of being.

PS Particularly relevant method for people using a USB-modem and for some reason, reject the above methods.

Not surprising, right?
You were ready for the first difficulties, right?
Not yet gone, but you need bread and circuses of the promised bonus?