Register in contact without a number. How to register Vkontakte without a phone number. Create a virtual number.

Dear users, I welcome you to today's article. At present, it is rather difficult to meet a person who does not have a page on VKontakte. In the most popular Russian network there are people of different ages.

Well, if you just came in and want to find out how to register in contact, and also understand how the registration process takes place, then I will explain everything in detail to you. The process is quite simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. However, in addition to the usual registration, I want to make out a more difficult question - how to register in a contact without a phone, that is, to make an account without specifying a number mobile phone .

Help ! In Russia, SIM-cards are sold with a passport, that is, one SIM card is used for one person. But sometimes we need to create a second page in social network , and the work number is already taken. The reasons for creating an additional account, I will not describe. The process will take place on my example.

Method number 1

It is understood that your mobile number is free, and the page is not tied to it. So, go to the instructions.

Go to the website social network. On the right side of the screen you will see a window for authorization - entering a login and password. We don’t have one yet, so we’re looking to the lower right side - there is a registration window, it looks like this:

Looking ahead, I will just say that I will describe the login process through Facebook later. Enter the first and last name - it is recommended to enter real data, so according to the rules of the social network, you cannot specify aliases instead of first and last names. In the future, you may be asked to change this data. Next, enter the date of birth. If necessary, this item can be hidden after the account is created. Now press the button "Register".

You need to enter your mobile phone number and click the "Request a code" button. Specify this number. After a couple of seconds, your phone will receive a message with a code - enter it in the appropriate field. After that, the site will take you to the created page. Done, master the social network, but do not forget about real life! Next, I suggest you consider how to register in contact through the mobile application.

It is not necessary to register in the browser on personal computer - can perform the process in mobile application . To get started, download it in the right store. For Android, it will be " Google play "For iOS -" App Store "For Windows Phone -" Windows Store ". Just type in the search box VK. After that, download and install the application on your phone or tablet.

We go into it, the system will offer to enter the login and password. Since we do not have an account yet, so we click the "Register" button. Enter the real data - name, surname, year of birth. We confirm our actions and go to the second window - here you should enter a phone number. In a few seconds an SMS will arrive with a confirmation code. Enter it and go to your account, ready! Now it’s time to learn how to register in contact without specifying a phone number

Method number 2

Do not be scared by the number of steps - just follow the instructions and compare your actions with screenshots.

I will say right away that now register via e-mail will not work. To improve security, the developers decided to remove this feature. And this approach brought a positive result - the level of fraud decreased, as did the level of fake accounts. As a result, the server load has dropped significantly.

You cannot register by e-mail; one page is already attached to the SIM card, what should you do?

To do this, you can use the virtual telephony server to receive SMS with a confirmation code. I recommend using the “Pinger” service for this; accordingly, an example will be shown on it.

Register with Pinger (Textfree Web)

Go to the site of the service Click on the button "Create account" (create an account). After that we will need to enter data.

After that we will need to enter data

As you can see, there is no Russian version, so here is the filling scheme:

Username - then you will enter it to log in to Pinger.

Password - everything is simple.

Password Verification

E-mail - indicate the real address, as it will receive a confirmation code.

Sex (male - male, female - female).

Captcha - a code confirming that you are not a robot.

Confirmation button

Now look at your own virtual number - it is in the upper right corner:

Now look at your own virtual number - it is in the upper right corner:

Select this number and click on it with the right mouse button - select the "Copy" item in the context menu. You can also click on the highlighted number "Ctrl + C". Great, now we have a phone number to register another page, go to the social networking site.

VK registration process

Go to the page of the social network VK. Here you have to go through the usual registration procedure - in the lower right corner there is a window for entering personal data - first name, last name, date of birth. Fill in all the fields and click the button "Register".

Now we will be transferred to the page for specifying a phone number - we copy into this window our virtual number obtained in the Pinger service. Next, click the button "Get the code." Go to the Pinger website. A message from the social network should appear in the message window - enter this code in the appropriate field and click the "Confirm" button.

Done, now you can fully use the new page. As you can see, the process is quite simple, if you have difficulty creating a page in VK, then read the first instruction - the screenshots will help you quickly create a page.

Advanced - use Facebook to login

Surely, you have noticed that you can log in to “VKontakt” without registering - for this you need to click the “Login via Facebook” button. Click this button, and then log in to your Facebook account. After that, a window will appear in which it is written that the social network VKontakte will get access to e-mail and other data of your account, click on the button "Continue".

Name and surname in Vkontakte you will have exactly the same as in Facebook. As for Pinger, you can also log in there via Facebook - the process goes exactly the same way. But as practice shows, even logging in to VK via Facebook requires binding a mobile phone. Accordingly, your American social network account is most likely tied to a valid mobile number. I attach the following video to today's article:

So, completing today's post - How to register in VK, it is worth saying that earlier the authorization process was much easier. But if you try, the restrictions can be circumvented today. In addition to Pinger, there are other services that allow you to get a virtual mobile phone number. Pinger seemed to me the simplest, so I decided to make instructions on it. Now I have the second page, it definitely will not be superfluous. In any case, I know that in the social network VK you can have more than one page.

You cannot register by e-mail; one page is already attached to the SIM card, what should you do?