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Popular name : tutu

Available : Terrorists

Code command in console : give weapon_c4

Power lumbar (on the in-game scale) : 200/300

This improvised explosive device is stable and resistant to most mechanical shocks, and also has a detonation speed of more than 8000 meters per second when ignited. "
- Description of the game.


C4 is a plastic explosive. Consists of hexogen (91%), polyisobutylene (2.1%), a plasticizer (5.3%) and engine oil specifications SAE 10 (1.6%).

When the reaction starts, C4 decomposes, releasing various gases (mainly carbon and nitrogen oxides). The initial rate of expansion of gases is 8500 meters per second. For the casual observer, the explosion occurs almost instantly.

At the beginning of the round, one of the terrorists randomly receives a bomb. C4 can be thrown away and given to another player. The explosive falls on the ground if the player is killed along with it. The explosive must be laid on one of the two bomb laying points (A or B) in the bomb laying mode, or on one in the “Destroy Object” mode.

The default time for an explosion is 40 seconds. Including for tournaments.

During the bombing, the terrorist can neither walk nor jump. Bookmark time is 3 seconds. At this time, you can hear the sound of the activation code of the bomb. You can also make false bookmarks by laying a bomb not fully, to deceive the special forces and lure the players.

You can defuse a bomb in 10 seconds without a sapper set, or in 5 seconds with a set. When C4 is about to explode, first the red color turns to white and after 1 second the explosive explodes.

The C4 explosion will bring victory to terrorists, regardless of whether one of them is alive or not.


The ability to neutralize is available only to special forces. To do this, you need to go up to the bomb and hold down the "Use" key for 10 seconds (or 5 with the sapper's kit). If you release the key, all progress is lost and you need to start over. During neutralization, the special forces is the ideal target for an attack, so it is important to cover it (if someone else from the terrorists is alive).

You can also do a false deactivation to deceive and lure the terrorists.

  • If a player dies from the C4 explosion, this does not count as death in the points table.
  • The activation code for the bomb is 7355608.
  • C4, like other standard weapons, does not appear in Steam’s inventory (exceptions are standard weapons with labels or name tags). C4 can be put in inventory, but it will have to work. You need to edit the items_game file in the game properties, buy a personalized label, rename the bomb. After it is necessary to return items_game to its original state.
  • A bomb dropped on the ground cannot be moved without picking it up. This is done so that the special forces could not hide it with the help of an explosion of grenades or firing at it.
  • From the 22nd of August 2014 to the 28th, during bomb disposal, festive sounds were played and balloons rose together with confetti.
  • In Game

Hello friends! In this article we will deal with such a question, how to set up a patent differently than a bomb in a Counter-Strike: GO game, as well as how to quickly place a patent and survive with your weapon. We begin with the question of how to properly install a patent in CS GO.

After we fight with a bomb or our teammate has passed it to us, first of all we listen to our allies and rely on where they will go, for example on A or B. After we have decided where we will go, we follow they, in any case, do not go first!

Be sure to follow someone, do not stay ahead of your allies, otherwise, if you are killed, your bomb will fly straight into the hands of the enemy, and then you simply dislike! Go among your own, but try not to go last, as no one has canceled the roundabout back!

The next thing to be remembered is that when you go to the place where you laid the patch, never reach the patch in advance, as this can also lead to death. When you are still on the way to the place where the bomb was laid, I recommend that you take a weapon into your brave hands, which weapon is not important anymore, the main thing is that it was in your hands at all. So that in any case of an attack on you, you could repel the attack of the enemy, because unfortunately, while throwing a bomb at the enemy and inflicting damage to him, the developers have not yet invented.

We are not playing with the bomb! Try to get the bomb as little as possible while you are on your way to the bookmark!

After you have arrived at the place where you need to install a bomb, you should make sure that your allies can cover you as much as possible, and if your allies are not nearby, they should be told that you are at any point. For example, let it be B, and of course, it is desirable that they come to your aid as quickly as possible, and you are not wasting time, making sure that you are not in danger by looking in all the openings and aisles you start to put a pent.

We check all the moves, where the enemy could pass, will not be superfluous to throw smoke at the place of the bookmark, and also to throw a noise-noise grenade into any opening.

We check all the moves, where the enemy could pass, will not be superfluous to throw smoke at the place of the bookmark, and also to throw a noise-noise grenade into any opening

Now it is necessary to properly install the patent. Correctly install the patent, this means that we must choose the most suitable point of the bookmark, that is, we must first protect ourselves from the enemy's bullet, and then put the patent. The point of laying a bomb, it is worth choosing the safest and most viewed, that is, if we start to place a patent, we could see, for example, a passage.

Choose a safe bookmark point, set up a patent and at the same time look through the passage to the bookmark point.

What point you choose, this is everyone’s business, each has its own.

What point you choose, this is everyone’s business, each has its own

After we set up the pent, our task is to do everything so that our bomb will explode. In order for the bomb to successfully explode, it is necessary to move to a place where it will be most safe to observe the picture of what is happening. So that on occasion, if the enemy tries to demine the bomb, you could successfully remove it.

Even if you are sitting with a whole team on a point, then arrange yourself so that everyone looks after his point, if it happens that your ally is sent to the next world, be sure to say that you are watching him in his sector, so that your other allies will not suffer team.

We choose the place where it will be most secure, we take each of our sectors, it is not recommended to rashit.

We choose the place where it will be most secure, we take each of our sectors, it is not recommended to rashit

If you succeed, then your allies will of course welcome you and your common victory!

Also, do not forget about the good old knife, because thanks to it we can move around the map much faster, which means that we need to take all the knives and move in the direction of the bookmark point. But you shouldn’t get too carried away, about halfway through it is better to change a sharp knife to any weapon, otherwise it’s impossible to throw knives in the game yet!

I hope this article was useful for you, thanks for reading dear gamers!

Important: if you need a whole list of commands for chickens without detailed description PUSH

At first glance, it seems that the hen plays a purely decorative role in cc go , but this is not quite so. I will present you a list of basic properties about chicken:

  • If you come close to the chicken and jump, the chicken will cluck and start to run away.
  • If the enemy will shoot next to the chicken, then the chicken will run away.
  • Chickens are equipped with artificial intelligence that allows them to randomly move around the map.
  • If you shoot a chicken, it will evaporate leaving not a lot of feathers in the air.
  • If you shoot an AWP through a chicken at the enemy, it will not save you from a deadly hit.
  • Chickens are divided into white and brown.
  • If you shoot with weapons M4A1-S and USP-S, then the hens will not cluck. You can even shoot them under your feet.
  • In normal mode, chickens are on the maps of Inferno, Italy, Militia, Cobblestone. You can find them in random places.
  • In the “Fight to die” mode, chickens will appear everywhere, and for killing it you will receive one point.
  • Some operations have tasks for killing chickens.

Holiday related facts:

  • During Halloween 2013, chickens were dressed up in festive clothing.
  • On August 22, hens wear holiday caps - this is due to the birthday of the COP GO. This tradition has been going since 2014.
  • Halloween 2014, if you killed a chicken, then it was resurrected as a zombie with green feathers, yellow eyes and a curled beak, while slowly walking on the ground. If you kill her again, she just disappeared.
  • During the 2015 winter renewal - all the hens were wearing winter sweaters. On the bottom of the sweater was the emblem of the terrorists, and on the upper emblem of the special forces.
  • Easter 2016 - hen’s bunny ears were dressed on his head. In this case, all the hens jumped.

While reading this article you may want to read about VAC ban and we will gladly give a link to ours. =)

How to sprinkle a chicken in KS GO

Open the console. In order to use it, you need to go to “Settings” - “Game Settings” and there you have to set “Yes” opposite “Enable Developer Console (~)”. If already worth it, then great! Now just click on the letter “E”. And write the following command:

We register in the console:
sv_cheats 1 - cheat mode is on
ent_create chicken - create chicken

Also you can spawn holiday hens, for this, before the spawn of a chicken, beat the following command:
sv_holiday_mode 1 - hens from the last Halloween (for February 2017, these are hens on their heads with pumpkins, which were previously zombie hens)
sv_holiday_mode 2

How to make a big chicken in KS GO

After you have killed the hens, we write the following command to the console:
- where “7” is the value you can change, 1 is the default, you can set at least 1000
sv_holiday_mod 1 - hens from the last Halloween

How to become a chicken in the COP GO

First create the chicken as described above.
Next, we drive the command:
Sv_precacheinfo ” is a command that will show us all the models on the server

Next from the list we look for the model number of the chicken, it will look like this:
240: models / chicken / chicken_gone.mdl (RES_FATALIFMISSING | RES_PRELOAD): 1 refs, first 0.00 mru 0.00 - where “240” is the model number of the chicken in ks go, you can have any other number instead of 240.

Well, to make sure that you become that chicken, pretend from 3 persons with the command:
"thirdperson cam_idealyaw 1"

How to turn into a huge chicken in CS GO

Now, after the done commands. We write in the console:
"ent_fire! self addoutput modelscale 1" - where “1” is your size.

You can change this number to whatever you like, the more, the more you. Now you can turn yourself into a chicken in cs go.

How to tame a chicken in the COP GO

Everything is very simple. We approach the chicken in the support. Click on the action. By default, this is the English key “E”. Now after which the chicken will run after you. But I will say right away, this distance is not directly close, about a meter of 3-5. If the chicken dies, then you will show up in the chat that your chicken was killed, and the time that it was tamed.

Play for a chicken, just like a regular player. You can see the changes only from 3-person about which I already wrote. I hope I told you all about the chickens, I hope this article you will not leave questions anymore.

At this, our guide lesson came to an end. Tried for you Dream, especially for

Console commands for hens in CS GO

sv_cheats 1

- cheat mode is on
ent_create chicken - create chicken
ent_fire chicken addoutput modelscale 7 - chicken size (Range from 1)

sv_precacheinfo is a command that will show us all the model numbers on the server
ent_fire! self addoutput modelindex 240 - become a chicken, instead of 240 ”enter the model number of the chicken, which you will find with the help of the previous command
thirdperson cam_idealyaw 1 - third person view, 0 - from first
ent_fire! self addoutput modelscale 1 - increase your size (Range from 1)

Commands are prescribed before creating chickens:
sv_holiday_mode 1 - hens from the last Halloween
sv_holiday_mode 2 - Chicken since winter update 2015