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Gif animation Vkontakte - this is a short animated video that you can add to your wall, send a message to a friend or insert in a comment to the photo. Initially, the creators of the resource were against the animated inserts on the site, and it was impossible to add them. The principles of the administration maintained a strict division into sections. For images - photo albums, for clips - video. However, to date, short animated videos have become extremely popular in virtual space. And in order to keep up with the trends, the VC administration still allowed its fans to download gifs. To download gif Vkontakte first you need to find the right movie and add it to your documents.

You can find a lot of interesting and funny gifs in the corresponding groups in the VC or on other virtual resources. For example, in the group https://vk.com/best_gif presented a wide variety of fun videos.

Choose one of them. Then, click on the video playback. Once the video starts playing in full screen, click on the plus sign icon at the bottom right. GIF will automatically appear in your documents. It is also enough just to find funny gifs in the "documents" section on your page.

Open this section and in the field to the right select “gif”. Search Vkontakte will find for you a lot of different animations. If you found a curious animation on the Internet and you want it to be present in your contact, just copy the link to it and add it to your wall. Gifka boot in VK, and you can add it to your documents.

How to insert gif Vkontakte

You can insert gif Vkontakte anywhere: in the message, in, in the comments to the photo. This can be done simply by copying the link to the GIF and inserting it into the appropriate field, or through the special section of Vkontakte “attach”.

For example, you want to share a funny animation with your best friend. Open the messages and click on the "attach" button. From the proposed sections, select "Documents" and find there a gif for insertion. If you have, then you can add animation to your wall and in this way from the old ones.

Gif animation Vkontakte

Gif animation Vkontakte can not only download, but create yourself. This will help in this special application for creating gifs.

The article describes what wickedness is and how to use it on Vkontakte.


Images of different nature from simple photographs and demotivators to animation and just pictures have long gained their popularity on the Internet among users. Images in the format of GIF or “ gifs ” are also of interest. In this article we will take a closer look at what a gif is , how to use it and how to apply it on the Vkontakte social network.

What is a gif?

The extension " .GIF " (indicated at the end of the file name) is a format for exchanging graphic images. The resulting pictures in this format can be safely stored without losing quality and amounting to up to 256 different colors. You can, of course, achieve more color shades for animation if necessary.

The “ .GIF ” extension works with a standard color palette, images are saved line by line, many GIF files or gifs are able to shrink well without losing image clarity. Soon after its creation, the gifs were improved, became dynamic, and may have transparent sections.

Explain more accessible to simple modern Internet users, what a gif is , and how it can be useful.

That is, an animated gif is an image, which, in turn, consists of several images / photos / frames arranged in a specific order. Each of these images is programmed to a certain frequency of display on the screen, due to which one frame is replaced by another and, as a rule, after the end of such a display, the process starts over and over in a circle. As a result, we see the movement in the picture, as it happens when scrolling film.

As a result, we see the movement in the picture, as it happens when scrolling film

Ready gif with moving picture (59 frames)

As the color of the palette can be noted transparent. This allows browsers ( Mozilla , Google Chrome , Opera , etc.) to show the background through transparent areas.

Where are gifs used?

In addition to the above, it is worth pointing out that images in the “ .GIF ” format are files of minimal sizes and can be used in appropriate cases. For example, on the Internet - since the World Wide Web especially appreciates the speed of page loads in browsers, gifs , like pictures, are applied due to their low weight.

GIFs are widespread among web designers who, with the help of GIF files, draw up certain sites. GIFs are also needed when transferring small pictures containing images and texts. If you noticed on a website, for example, beautiful buttons, then these are gifs .

But GIF files cannot act as photographs, for which JPEG ( JPG ) files with an unlimited number of colors are already used.

How to use gifs in the social network "Vkontakte"?

How to use gifs in the social network Vkontakte

Gifs , they are also animated images, can be seen in the social network " Vkontakte " - these are moving pictures, which are often posted by users. Having learned what a gif is , we will now discuss how to post files of this format on the pages of Vkontakte . This is done very simply.

To begin, choose the source, from where we should take one or another of our gifs . Such sources may be the Internet or a computer (laptop, etc.).

If we need to borrow a GIF file from the Internet, then we should click on it with the right mouse button and in the opened menu select the item “Copy link to image” (each browser can have its own names). Then we paste the copied link into the place we need on the Vkontakte website: on the group wall, in the comments, on our wall, in messages, etc. Next, click on " Send ". It is clear that we perform absolutely standard actions, as in the following case.

If you want to send any of your favorite gifs from your computer, you must first put it in the " Documents " section, which is located in the left column of the Vkontakte site. Go to this section, click on " Add Document " and then look for the file we need on your hard drive. As a result, in our “ Documents ” we can collect a whole list of GIF files , copy them from here and paste them into the desired window of the site.

In addition, gifs can be copied (to themselves in the " Documents ") from other users of " Vkontakte " by clicking on the gif itself, and then on the " + " icon.

Video: Gif animation. What is gif. Gifs! Gimp lessons. How to make a Gifka in Gimp LifeHacks HD photo editor

To understand how to download the gif Vkontakte correctly and that the animation worked correctly, you first need to deal with the type of gif files. Recently, on the Internet and, in particular, in social networks animated pictures began to spread widely. The network of Vkonatkte also keeping up with modern trends of online fashion decided to implement such desires.

What are animations for? Gif-animations are created by users for the purpose of jokes, jokes over their own, they can serve as a certain attention sign or electronic postcard. In general, animation can be represented as a logical development of simpler graphic emoticons, only expressing feelings or emotions more deeply and vividly. Sometimes, with the help of animation, it is possible to convey just an artistic miniature.

But in order for the Vkontakte animation to play, it could be shown to other users or sent in a message, you must correctly create and upload a gif-file. Inaccurately, many people upload animations to the gallery, just like a regular photo. It turns out that only the first frame is displayed from the animation and it does not play properly.

Correct animation needs to be loaded as follows.

Correct animation needs to be loaded as follows

  • In the drop-down menu, select the item "Document" by analogy and get to the list of your documents.
  • Next, upload a new document and paste it, simply by clicking on it.
  • Also, you can select several documents at once and send them to your interlocutor, while performing the previous action in turn.

Also, you can select several documents at once and send them to your interlocutor, while performing the previous action in turn

- This is a sequence of related images that alternate in a split second. These pictures can be either individual frames from a photo or video, or a cut out piece of a video clip. When creating animations by various editors, the duration of each frame is indicated, as well as the duration of the pause between frames. Animation can be looped, that is, after the last frame, the first one will be played immediately and so on to infinity. Otherwise, the animation can be played once and stop at the last frame. You choose it yourself when creating it.

So, where can you choose for yourself, for a friend or a loved one, pleasant animation like on a wall or avatar?

Find ready-made animation through search on various sites. In the same Vkontakte there are a lot of communities in which users regularly post cool, funny and funny animations for all occasions. It is enough to enter in the search for Google or Vkontakte the phrase " gif animation "And choose for fun. Or simply go to the “Documents” section and select the “Gif” filter in the search criteria. Here you will see all the available gifs from Vkontakte.

Here you will see all the available gifs from Vkontakte

However, a more original way is to create your own gif. The process of its creation through graphic editors is quite complex and lengthy. But there are a number of programs and services that specialize in this. Such services greatly simplify the lives of many users and have a fairly simple and intuitive interface. For example, Vkontakte launched its own application for creating animations. You can install it for free at

Where are gifs used?
How to use gifs in the social network "Vkontakte"?
What is a gif?
Where are gifs used?
How to use gifs in the social network "Vkontakte"?
What are animations for?
So, where can you choose for yourself, for a friend or a loved one, pleasant animation like on a wall or avatar?